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Tel Aviv

The story of Bindella began over a hundred years ago. Today, Bindella runs 40 restaurants in Switzerland and produces wine, grappa and olive oil in Italy.

Bindella stands for Italianità, a dedication to food, wine and sharing a lively ambience.

As the fourth generation of the Bindella family, our love of Tel Aviv has inspired us to bring the best of Italy to the city.

Bindella Osteria & Bar is the first restaurant in the history of Bindella that opens its doors beyond the borders of Switzerland.

Oste in Italian means "host", and Osteria means the "house of the host". At Bindella, we are aiming to be the perfect host.


Bindella Switzerland is run by the family itself and divided into the following 4 branches:


Bindella runs 40 restaurants and one nightclub with varying Italian concepts at prime locations in 11 different cities in Switzerland. Around 10,000 guests per day visit the Bindella restaurants, which are open 7 days a week from noon till night. The gastronomy division employs around 1,000 workers from 64 different nations.

Wine producing and wine trading

Bindella also owns land in Montepulciano (Toscana) that is divided into 40 hectares (ha) vineyard, 13 ha olive groves, 30 ha grass- and farmland plus 20 ha oak forest. The family produces 9 different wines made out of 10 different grape varieties, 2 sorts of grappas and olive oil. The company produces and sells per year the following: 150,000 bottles of wine (in the next 5 years: 200,000 to 250,000 bottles), 1,500 bottles of grappa and 13,000 bottles of olive oil. 15 workers are employed in Montepulciano.

Furthermore Bindella represents around 80 wine producers. 75% of them are from Italy, the rest from Spain, France, USA etc. The product range includes more than 600 different wines plus grappa, olive oil and other specialities like brandy etc. All products are being distributed in Switzerland via the following channels: restaurants, whole and retail sale, wine shops and private clients. Private clients have the option to buy all the wines in Bindella's "vinoteca" located in the company's main office in Zurich. The division of wine-trading employs 45 workers.


Bindella's craftsmen work for the company's own restaurants and external buyers. This division employs 60 plasterers and 12 painters.

Real Estate

This division is specialized in projecting, realizing and administering properties at prime locations, and employs 10 workers.

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